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Air Sanitizer

To begin with, the Air Probe Sanitizer is a 24/7/365 air purification system especially designed with patented UVGI probes built to resist the hardships of HVAC installations. It can be customized in various ways for any type or size commercial or residential system application.

How does the Air Probe Sanitizer work?
Nearly all HVAC (central heating and air conditioning system) systems have the ideal conditions for the growth of mold, mildew, and other hazardous air pollutants. There are volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air and also the very common problem of fine organic dust, germs, mold spores, pollen, animal dander, and other allergens. The air in your home, office, school or hospital circulates anywhere from 250 to 400 times per day through the HVAC system. The air passes through the germicidal ultraviolet air purification produced by the Air Probe Sanitizer. The Air Probe Sanitizer produces 2500 times more germicidal effect than the amount in the sunlight that reaches the earth's surface, using a carefully selected, optimum portion of the UV-C ultraviolet spectrum. After 24 hours, the air you breath will be so clean, you can actually feel and see the difference.

What are the benefits of using the Air Probe Sanitizer?

Read our latest case study and see the results.

It kills germs, bacteria, viruses, mildew, mold spores such as such as stachybotrys and black mold, etc. as they circulate through the system and past the UV lamps.

It helps stop the spread of diseases and sicknesses.

It stops mold and bacteria growth inside your central air conditioning system. No more mildew and moldy odor from your air conditioner.

It eliminates chemical odors, pet odors, tobacco odors and cooking odors making  the air in your rooms smell fresh and clean while producing ZERO ozone.

It destroys VOC's (volatile organic compounds).

It generates safe and highly effective hydroxyl, the natural compound that scrubs pollution from the earth's atmosphere.

It generates helpful negative ions, which are circulated out of your cooling and heating vents and into your living space by your central air conditioner's fan or blower.

We at Enviro-Clean strongly believe that we have the solution that you are looking for. Not only can we address your IAQ needs, but we can also eliminate headaches and costs associated with HVAC and Indoor Air Quality concerns. By installing the Air Probe Sanitizer you can stop cleaning coils, start increasing the efficiency in your AHU’s, become proactive against rising indoor air pollution litigations claims, and best of all start adding money to your bottom line. We are so confident in our solution to Indoor Air Quality that we offer a 1- year money back guarantee and a limited 2- year warranty on the Air Probe Sanitizer. We are proud to say that we have not once had to refund money. 

What are the specifications of the Air Probe Sanitizer?
Read the Air Probe Brochure 

       MADE IN USA
       UL LISTED
       CE LISTED
       ODOR FREE



Ultraviolet C Probes, Quartz Envelope, Specific Coated, Gaseous

Radiation Wavelength:
253.7 Nanometers (Germicidal) only.

UV-C Output:
11.0 watts @ 253.7 nm

Non Ozone:
Classified Non-Ozone producing probes

Probe Current:
370 ma

125 µW/cm. Sq. in 12” X 12”    
Aluminum Duct measured at 1 met25 µW/cm. Sq. freestanding at 1 meter

120 V ac @ 60HZ. 5 amp fuse protected – 36 watts total power use. Externally mounted on/off switch on end or top of unit. Variable ballast must allow for power supply to vary from 120 V/1ph, 208/230 V/1ph, and 277 V/1ph.

Aluminum extrusion with 1 inch flanges on each of 2 sides for support and mounting capabilities.

Operating Cost:
2-probe unit – 36 watts @ 24 hr/day – 365 day/year @ $.105/kw = $.09 per day or $33.11 per year.  Example based on $.105 per kW.  Please check rates for your area.


Probe Life: 3 years average illumination life

Full 2-year warranty on unit.

Full 2-year warranty on probes.

Full 5-year warranty on electronic ballast

Commercial Unit built to specifications of individual HVAC equipment.




Including lamps, ballast, fixture housing, and installation (if performed by Enviro-Clean)

All Air Probe Sanitizers™ manufactured by Airhandlers Clean Air Concepts, Inc., are warranted to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of two years from date of original installation.  We reserve the right to issue credit, repair, or replace the defective merchandise as is our option.  We also reserve the right to examine the defective product if defect is questionable.  The limited warranty is in lieu of other warranties, expressed or implied.  We assume no responsibility for labor or freight cost in connection with the installation, removal, or any consequential damages.  We further reserve the right to deny the warranty for any product altered, improperly installed, or installed in an application for which it is not intended.  Enviro-Clean of Atlanta should be contacted in writing and/or by phone in the event of an installation problem or if further instruction is needed for commercial installations, sizing, or placement.


In the event that the customer is not satisfied for any reason, Enviro-Clean will remove the Air Probe Sanitizers™ from the premises, and will refund all monies.


Air Probe Sanitizer™ will be mounted on the “cold” side of the evaporator coil.  All probes will be mounted vertically and parallel with the surface of the coil to allow for maximum UV-C coverage of the coil.


The Air Probe Sanitizer is designed for use with germicidal lamps and must be installed in compliance with competent technical directions so that the user’s eyes and bare skin will not be subjected to injurious UV rays.

Save Energy
Save Money

Westside Test and Balance,Incorporated, conducted simultaneouscomparative studies on two HVACair-handling units (AHUs). Bothstudies showed an increase in theamount of coverage and a decreasein the energy usage. The net resultwas a more efficient and costeffectiveoperation. Since thesesystems are specifically designed foreach application, they can be adaptedfor field use in areas such as collectiveshelters, field hospitals, and commandand control centers. Read the full article.

For more information on the Air Probe Sanitizer please contact selliott@envirocleanatl.com

Residential Installations

Commercial Installations

Before the installation of Air Probe

Coil Surface two weeks after installation of Air Probe

 How does the Air Probe Santizer work?

 What are the benefits?

 What are the specifications?

 Warranty Information

 Save Energy
 Save Money


 Bad air breeds ailments in
 homes, schools, offices

 Science of UV

Dirty Air Filter
Dirty Air Filter

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